Columbus OH Personal Injury AttorneyIf you were involved in an Ohio car accident, you may not yet be ready to settle with the insurance company of the at-fault driver until you have fully recovered from your injuries. In such a situation, how are you supposed to pay for your mounting medical bills?

If you have it, health insurance should be your main source to pay your medical bills. You will simply need to provide your doctor or hospital with the necessary details for them to directly bill your health insurance carrier.

If your health insurance does not cover your medical expenses, another option is to use the medical payments coverage under your car insurance policy. Medical payments coverage will pay for your medical bills, as well as the medical bills of your passengers—up to your policy limit. This type of coverage is helpful for scenarios where you have health insurance, but still need to pay deductibles and co-pays. Medical coverage payments can be made regardless of which party caused the accident, and can be extremely convenient if payments need to be made before you are ready to make a final settlement with the at-fault driver.

If you don’t have health insurance but qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, then these government programs may help cover medical bills from your auto accident.

Of course, keep in mind that the at-fault driver will still be responsible for any medical expenses paid by your health or auto insurance company. Your insurance company will expect to be reimbursed from any settlement you may arrive at with the at-fault driver’s insurance company—also known as subrogation. Before you agree on a settlement amount, therefore, you must ensure the amount is enough to reimburse your insurance company and sufficiently compensate you for your injuries and losses.

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