If you are looking to find a personal injury lawyer in Ohio, it is very unlikely you will need to pay any upfront fees if the lawyer believes your case has merit. There will be no down hourly payments to be made. This is because most personal injury attorneys in the state handle claims on a contingency fee basis.

Charging on a contingency fee basis means that a personal injury lawyer will take on your accident case, but will not charge you any fees unless he or she is able to win a judgment or negotiate a monetary settlement on your behalf. As to their payment, the lawyer will agree to receive a percentage of the judgment or settlement obtained. This type of payment is common in motor vehicle accidents, product liability, medical malpractice, and other personal injury claims.

Contingency fees are subject to negotiation, depending on the case. Many personal injury attorneys in Ohio will ask for about a third of the total amount they are able to get for you if your case is won.

If, for instance, your personal injury case settles for $30,000, then your personal injury attorney will be paid an amount of roughly $10,000 in fees. Keep in mind, however, that many lawyers may request certain reimbursements, and Examples of common out of pocket expenses you may have to pay for from your settlement or judgment include deposition fees, filing fees, court costs, and expert witness fees that may have been necessary in your particular case.

If your personal injury lawyer does not obtain money, he or she will usually collect nothing from you. Take note that depending on your arrangement, you may still need to pay for certain costs.

There are typically two advantages to working with a lawyer who charges on a contingency fee basis. The first advantage is that it will cost you nothing if your case is lost. The second advantage is that you will be working with a lawyer who is determined to achieve the biggest possible award on your behalf because he or she will also benefit from winning your case.

Before signing a contingency contract with your lawyer, see to it that you completely understand matters related to percentages, costs and fees. This includes establishing whether your lawyer’s fee will be calculated based on the gross award (the amount before deducting your lawyer’s expenses) or the net judgment (the amount after the lawyer’s expenses have been deducted). Put this agreement in writing and ask for a signed copy.

It’s important to note that you should not just look for a personal injury lawyer with the lowest contingency fee percentage, instead look for a lawyer with a proven track record handling cases such as yours. Not all accident attorneys are equal and often the increased amount an experienced lawyer can negotiate (or win at trial) for your case will far outweigh the savings of a few percentage points on the contingency fee you might be able to find with a less experienced lawyer.

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