Speed Traps In Springfield, OH

Unexpected drops in speed limits, missing speed signs, and obscured if not hidden traffic officers. These are only some factors cited by Springfield drivers who are complaining about speed traps. If you are driving in the Springfield Metropolitan Statistical Area, you may want to be aware of which streets are notorious among motorists as traffic ticket hotspots.

Ohio State Route 41, North Hampton

The village of North Hampton is locally labeled “speed trap city” because of the sheer volume of traffic tickets they issue. The Springfield News-Sun reports that in 2008, for example, officers wrote 1,296 citations in this village – about four times the 352 people who live there.

The North Hampton section of Ohio 41 is particularly tricky for motorists because of its misleading speed limits. According to drivers, the speed limit here drops from 55 to 35 mph without a visible warning. The wide road also makes them think that higher speeds are appropriate on this thoroughfare. To top this off, there is a hefty fine of $185, imposed even on drivers who were just one mile over the limit.

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Ohio State Route 54, Catawba

Drivers have complained of traffic officers waiting from obscured parking lots near the north and south ends of this road. It doesn’t help that these areas are downhill, making it difficult to maintain the 35 mph speed limit.

N. Mulberry Street, Tremont City

Towards the edge of the town, the speed limit slides from 55 to 25 mph. According to some motorists, there is a section between these that is posted at 35 mph, but instead of helping drivers transition, it only confuses them as to what the actual limit is. Speed violators are fined $180.

Route 329, Springfield

At George Rogers Clark Park, there used to be a sign letting drivers know that the speed limit decreases from 55 to 45 mph. This sign was taken down a few years ago, leaving motorists confused. Meanwhile, park rangers have continued to write speeding tickets outside the park.

Traffic enforcement has always been subject to complaints, not just in Springfield but in any other city. Officers and motorists are expected to fulfil their duty responsibly for the sake of public safety. If an irresponsible driver injured you or a loved one party in Springfield, enlist a reliable attorney on your side. We at the Fitch Law Firm can help. Call our Springfield office today at (937) 247-6521.