Most Dangerous Intersections in Dayton OH

Car accidents are responsible for a great deal of fatalities every year. While it’s impossible to avoid completely the risk of car crashes, knowing high-risk areas can be helpful. Just like other parts of the United States, Dayton has its share of intersections that are more dangerous than others.

In 2016, Dayton’s West Third Street at James H. McGee Boulevard saw 37 accidents. Another location, Salem Avenue at Philadelphia Drive and North Main Street at Siebenthaler Avenue, recorded 29 accidents. In the previous year, approximately 250 crashes occurred at ten of Dayton’s intersections. The most common crash causes were running red lights, distracted driving, and speeding.

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Aggressive driving and speeding have caused so many accidents that the police department last February started using enhanced speed enforcement activities. This program focuses on several intersections found along North Main Street and Wayne Avenue. According to officials, the campaign is comprised of three aggressive driving awareness blitzes.

In line with this, officials have also identified the ten most dangerous intersections in the region. The ranking is based on police department data. If you’re a driver, it’s best to know these high-risk intersections:

  • West Third Street at James H. McGee Boulevard with 37 crashes
  • Salem Avenue at Philadelphia Drive with 29 crashes
  • North Main Street at Siebenthaler Avenue, 27 crashes
  • Brandt Pike at Needmore/Harshman roads with 27 crashes
  • Philadelphia Drive at Siebenthaler Avenue with 23 crashes
  • James H. McGee Boulevard at Philadelphia Drive with 23 crashes
  • Wayne Avenue at Wyoming Avenue with 22 crashes
  • North Gettysburg Avenue at James H. McGee with 22 crashes
  • Linden Avenue at South Smithville Road with 21 crashes
  • North Gettysburg Avenue at Free Pike with 19 crashes

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