Meniscal Tear & Knee InjuriesThe knee is the largest joint in the human body and any injury to it can have magnified effects in one’s life. Simple actions like walking and sitting may become difficult, work may be missed, and medical expenses may be incurred.

While knee injuries frequently occur during common physical activities such as work and sports, they can sometimes be caused by someone else’s negligent actions. When this happens, the injured person may be entitled to much-needed compensation.

Torn Meniscus And Other Knee Injuries

One of the common injuries to the knee is when a piece of tissue called the meniscus gets torn. A meniscus is a C-shaped cartilage that cushions the bones around the knee. Each knee has two menisci (plural) at the back, helping balance out the weight that each knee carries. When a knee is forcefully or suddenly rotated, twisted, bent, or weighed down, a meniscus can get torn (usually with a popping sound). This injury is called a meniscal tear.

Symptoms and effects of a meniscal tear vary depending on how severe the injury is. With a minor tear, the injured may simply get a slight pain and swelling for a couple of weeks. But in more severe cases, the pain and swelling may get worse, coupled with other symptoms such as knee locking, becoming wobbly, or giving out. In some cases, knee pain may come and go for several years.

Treatment of a torn meniscus also depends on how severe it is. In minor cases, it may heal on its own if given rest, ice, and common anti-inflammatory medication. However, many cases of meniscal tear require surgery to either sew the torn tissue back together (arthroscopic surgery), remove damaged parts (partial meniscectomy), or replace the whole meniscus with prosthetics (total meniscectomy). Such surgeries plus rehabilitation are not cheap.

Aside from a meniscal tear, there are other knee injuries that may greatly impact a person’s life. These include kneecap damage and ligament damage. It is not uncommon for a knee injury to cause debilitating pain and require a surgical procedure as well as therapy. All these, combined with missed work and changes in one’s daily life, can be very costly for the injured.

Causes Of Knee Injuries

A knee injury can occur due to common mishaps such as overexertion, improper sports or exercise actions, improper lifting, and the like. But sometimes, knee injuries can be the result of someone else’s fault. Examples of this are:

  • Car crashes and other vehicle accidents
  • Occupational injury due to detrimental workplace conditions
  • Violence

Ohio Knee Injury Claims

When another party is responsible for a serious knee injury, the injured should look into their legal options to ensure they get maximum compensation for losses and damages. These are some of the losses a victim may be compensated for:

  • Medical expenses incurred
  • Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Lost capacity to earn
  • Pain and suffering

Typically, an injury victim can file a claim against the at-fault party’s insurance company. However, it can be difficult to prove someone’s negligence and link it to the injury, and insurance adjusters usually have a lot of ways to undermine the value the case. Thus, many knee injury victims end up receiving much less than they truly deserve.

When making a claim, it is often best for the injured to enlist a reliable attorney who can help obtain the maximum compensation for the injury. A good Ohio personal injury lawyer should be able to thoroughly assess the value of the case, assertively negotiate with insurance companies, and advice the victim on the best legal options.

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