Big rigs are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the roads. While big rig drivers undergo a comprehensive training process, some accidents are impossible to avoid. With the potential for immense damage and personal injury, big rig accidents should be taken seriously.

If you were involved in an accident with a large truck, a Springfield big rig accident lawyer will investigate the evidence to determine liable parties and build a personal injury case on your behalf. At the Fitch Law Firm LLC, we will work to defend your legal position and pursue any compensation that you may be owed after a semi-truck accident. Contact us today at (937) 247-6521 to speak with a member of our office about your situation.

Some of the Unique Dangers Involved in Big Rig Accidents

Several factors set big rig accidents apart from accidents that occur between other motor vehicles. One obvious factor to consider is the size and weight of these large trucks. Truckers are held to high safety standards when operating their semis. But that does not mean they are impervious to driver errors. Driver mistakes in big rigs have the potential to cause much greater damage than those made behind the wheel of a small sedan, for example.

Big rigs are more likely to tip and roll over because of their size and high center of gravity. Rollover accidents caused by semi-truck accidents often produce major property damage and physical injury. As the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) shows, rollover crashes accounted for nearly 35% of deaths from passenger vehicle crashes in the year 2010.

Due to the angle of collisions and the size of vehicles involved, rollover crashes carry a fatality rate that is higher than other kinds of automobile collisions. Even if a truck driver is doing everything they can to operate their large truck safely, some road conditions make it nearly impossible to avoid a rollover. Uneven road surfaces, faulty mechanisms and parts, and inclement weather conditions all present risks for big rig rollovers.

Big rigs are often tasked with transporting weighty cargo loads on long cross-country trips. Improper weight management increases the chances of truck rollovers and other problems on the roads. If a company fails to properly load its cargo on a semi, accidents are more probable. In these cases, the driver and the company may both be held responsible for participating in a negligent act that caused an accident. If you were part of a semi-truck accident, an attorney who focuses on truck accidents will work to establish liable parties and pursue a settlement on your behalf.

Common Causes of Accidents with Big Rigs

Those who drive big rigs are subject to rigorous operational guidelines. However, even if a truck driver passes all their driving exams with flying colors, that does not mean they are immune to human error. In many trucking accidents, distracted driving behaviors are to blame.

If a driver is distracted by their smartphone or another electronic device, they pose a serious risk to themselves and to the motorists who share the road with them. Despite the awareness around the subject, texting while driving, and other forms of distracted driving still cause big rig accidents. Other common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Drunk driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Road conditions
  • Faulty parts
  • Weather conditions
  • Unsafe cargo and weight distribution

Navigating the legal system after a big rig accident can add another layer of stress to your life. Communicating with other parties like law enforcement and insurance companies often introduces intense emotional and financial pressure. A Springfield big rig accident lawyer from the Fitch Law Firm LLC will communicate with other parties while you recover. Our big rig accident attorneys will build a case on your behalf and pursue any compensation to which you may be entitled. Contact our office today at (937) 247-6521.

Dealing with Personal Injuries and Damage Caused by Trucking Accidents

Even seemingly mild automobile collisions can produce enormous injuries. When large vehicles like big rigs are involved in an accident, the potential for significant personal injuries skyrockets. Numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that “Crash injuries in 2012 totaled $18 billion in lifetime medical costs. More than 75% of costs occur during the first 18 months following the crash injury.”

After a big rig crash, trucking companies, insurance companies, legal teams, and law enforcement will all perform investigations. In seeking to establish liable parties, these parties will gather evidence that includes:

  • Police reports
  • Photos and video footage
  • Eyewitness reports
  • Phone records
  • Maintenance records

When you contract legal help after a truck accident, they will communicate with other parties on your behalf. A lawyer will seek compensation to cover the costs of your medical bills and other damages. Big rig accidents have the potential to cause injuries such as brain trauma, broken bones, and disfigurement. Personal injuries like these often require continual medical intervention.

Physical injury is only one form of damage caused by big rig accidents. Psychological pain and suffering are also likely. If you are unable to return to work because of an injury, then you may be eligible to receive compensation for lost wages.

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Big rig accidents can leave you with life-altering injuries and medical conditions. Focusing on healing from your injuries and returning to your life is probably your top priority after an accident with such major ramifications. When you contact a lawyer who focuses on big rig accidents, you give yourself the space to heal and recover. A Springfield big rig accident lawyer from the Fitch Law Firm LLC will help you traverse the legal complications that follow a big rig accident. To speak with a member of our legal team, call us today at (937) 247-6521.