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Learn More About Motorcycle Accidents in Our Area

Motorcycle accidents have a reputation for being very dangerous, particularly for the motorcyclist. This reputation is because motorcycles offer riders very limited protection. In fact, the only protection you may receive during an accident likely comes from your riding gear and helmet. From statistics presented by the Insurance Information Institute (III), around:

  • 89,000 motorcyclists suffered injuries in 2017
  • 5,172 motorcycles died in 2017

While the number of motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes dropped to 4,985 in 2018, per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), these accidents still represent a major danger.

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Injuries Associated With Dayton Motorcycle Accidents

As we mentioned, motorcycle accidents may be very hazardous for motorcycle operators or passengers. A motorcycle accident can throw riders off their bikes, or a vehicle can pin and crush riders against another vehicle or the road. In many accidents, motorcyclists end up facing:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Injuries to the head and brain
  • Injuries to the back, neck, and spine
  • Road rash, cuts, and abrasions
  • Internal injuries or bleeding

Get medical treatment quickly if you suffered injuries after a Dayton motorcycle accident. You may need to call an ambulance for transport to the hospital in some situations. In other situations, your injuries may be minor enough for you to drive yourself to a medical facility.

Note that regardless of the severity of your injuries, it is a good idea to take pictures of any wounds you sustained in the accident. For that matter, you should also take pictures of the damage to your motorcycle and the scene of the accident. This evidence may help a Dayton motorcycle accident lawyer establish what happened during the collision. It could also help show that your injuries were a direct result of the accident.

Causes of Dayton Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents occur in Dayton for a number of different reasons. In many cases, inattentive drivers can cause these accidents. Because motorcycles are relatively small vehicles, other drivers sometimes look right past them without registering the presence of the motorcyclists. These accidents may be more likely to occur if another driver is:

  • Operating a vehicle over the speed limit
  • Driving while distracted or while using a mobile device
  • Driving while fatigued or drowsy

Drivers of motor vehicles sometimes clip a motorcyclist while attempting to pass them or while attempting to “split” a lane with a motorcycle. They could also strike a motorcycle if they make a left turn without warning or come to a sudden stop.

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Types of Compensation After a Motorcycle Accident in Dayton

If you suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver, you could get compensation for many of your losses. However, you may only receive damages if you show that the other driver caused your accident, which may require you to:

  • Interview eyewitnesses to the accident
  • Request your police report
  • Review the scene of the accident

Working to establish another party’s responsibility for the collision could help you get compensation for your medical expenses. This compensation includes the costs for any emergency medical care you required as well as any surgeries, medical testing, or medications. You may even receive compensation for physical therapy.

The driver who caused your collision could also be required to cover the costs to repair or replace your motorcycle. Finally, in some situations, you could receive funds to cover the wages you lost at work during your recovery, along with your pain and suffering.

Methods To Resolve a Motorcycle Accident Claim

You have several possible options when it comes to resolving motorcycle accident claims in Dayton. Many of these claims are handled outside of the court system. In order to resolve your case without a lawsuit, you may want a lawyer to negotiate with insurance agents on your behalf.

A Dayton motorcycle accident lawyer could meet with insurance agents to discuss your claim. Your lawyer may work to bring you compensation for your losses through a settlement. Generally, this may provide you with coverage for your medical expenses and other losses.

However, there are cases where insurance agents may refuse to treat you fairly. For example, they may attempt to blame you for the accident, or they could claim that you had preexisting injuries, and the collision never actually hurt you. In this situation, your lawyer could advise you to file a lawsuit. Taking the other driver to court may allow you to secure a verdict in your favor here in Dayton.

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