The Worst Roads And Intersections In Springfield, OH

As the county seat of Clark County, Ohio, Springfield is full of busy roads and highways. It is little surprise that a thousand vehicle accidents occur in this city each year. In 2017, for example, the Ohio Highway Safety Office recorded 1,877 crashes in Springfield, resulting in five deaths and 910 injuries.

Certain streets and crossings in this city stand out in terms of traffic volume, accidents, and driving difficulty. Here are some Springfield roads and intersections known for being dangerous.

Ohio 4, US 40, and Upper Valley Pike Interchange

This intersection is Clark County’s top crash spot and also one of the busiest. According to the Clark County-Springfield Transportation Coordinating Committee, some 36,440 vehicles and 2,200 trucks use this junction every day.

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Clark County Commissioners have been considering changes to this intersection for over a decade. Among recent projects have been adding a turn lane at the bottom ramp to Upper Valley Pike and installing flashing signs of reduced speed limits.

Middle Urbana Road, from Ohio 334 to Villa Road

Formerly a two-lane street, this road packs more than 10,000 vehicles daily. A recent widening project adds a center left-turn lane to this section.

W North Street

This road’s intersection with Yellow Springs Street has been listed among the 100 most dangerous in the whole of Ohio. In addition, several blocks west from this crossing is W North Street’s intersection with Bechtle Avenue, also a site of occasional collisions.

Ohio State Route 235

SR 235 at SR 41 was formerly among the most dangerous intersections in Ohio. The crossing has since been equipped with a roundabout (traffic circle), but farmers and truck drivers are concerned that the circle was too narrow for wide loads. Last year, a semi-truck and a van collided at this intersection, resulting in the death of a 13-year-old girl.

A few miles north, SR 235 meets with Ballentine Pike – another intersection with large-vehicle collisions. Just this March, two people were injured after a flatbed semitrailer rear-ended a minivan at this junction.

While public agencies are continually studying how to improve traffic safety, Springfield motorists must stay careful on the road. If an irresponsible driver injured you or a loved one, enlist a reliable attorney on your side. We at the Fitch Law Firm can help. Call our Springfield office today at (937) 247-6521.