Where to Go Sledding in Dayton OH

Winter is here and there’s no better time to break out those sleds. If you’re wondering where the best places to sled in Dayton are, then look no further. We’ve got them right here for you.

Wright Memorial Park
2380 Memorial Rd., Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton

This part of Dayton has always been a popular spot. It’s just off Route 444 on Kaufman Avenue and near the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The park offers excellent parking and easy access. Its sledding area comes with a grass surface where people can ride either smooth or bumpy courses. As for the slope, it is around 40 degrees coupled with a length of about 700 to 800 feet. There are also spots that seem like ramps which are perfect if you like catching air. The trees are really the only thing that will get in the way but they’re mostly at the top of the hill.

Englewood MetroPark
100 E. National Rd. entrance (US 40 at R 48), Dayton

For Englewood MetroPark, the sledding area can be found in the West Park location. Go to 100 E. National Road entrance (U.S. 40 at State Route 48) to enter. Follow the park road to the parking lot. You will need to walk a bit to the woods from the parking area. Englewood MetroPark comes with many launch options and has been used for stunt competitions and races.

Indian Riffle Park
2801 E. Stroop Rd., Kettering

This is a sledding gem found just behind Kettering Middle School off of Glengarry Dr. and Stroop Rd. This is one of the best kept sledding secrets in Dayton. Since there are really no obstacles, you’ll be treated to plenty of smooth rides. This makes the place ideal for all ages.

Taylorsville MetroPark
2000 SR 40, Vandalia

Taylorsville West Park is found at 1200 South Brown School Road. There is now sufficient snowfall to guarantee you gliding down its sledding hill in fine shape. Expect, however, some grass to this gentle grade. The hill is obstacle-free which makes it safe for long-distance sledding. The slope is around 30 degrees and comes with a 400 to 500-foot run. However, it’s best to remember that they don’t allow sledding on the dam.

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These are just some of the places that you can enjoy the snowfall and participate in a great sledding adventure. Come with your friends and family to see what Dayton has to offer. Just be careful not to get injured, specially in the brain or spinal cord. And if that happens, the professionals of The Fitch Law Firm have extensive experience representing brain injury and spinal cord injury cases.