College students are encouraged to apply for a $2,500 scholarship from the Fitch Law Firm LLC, in which the applicants will create a video regarding the dangers for teen drivers of drinking before climbing behind the wheel. To apply, students must follow the Anti-Drunk Driving PSA Scholarship terms & conditions, which are spelled out below. The annual deadline for applying is December 15.

Anti-Drunk Driving PSA Scholarship Terms & Conditions

To apply for this scholarship, you must follow a series of eligibility rules, including:

  • Creating a public service announcement video up to 90 seconds in length
  • Student must be enrolled at a college or university
  • Student must be at least 18 years old
  • Student must have residency in the United States
  • Student must be in good academic standing
  • Student must submit some personal information, including name, contact information, proof of enrollment, and proof of U.S. residency

The Fitch Law Firm LLC will not share your personal information with anyone. However, we may use your name and school name on our web site, along with publishing the video.

Anti-Drunk Driving PSA Scholarship Submission

To apply for this contest, the student should create a video that informs teen drivers of the dangers of drinking and driving. The tone and the style for the video are up to the creativity of the student. It simply needs to be engaging and effective for discouraging drinking and driving among teens. This video should be no more than 90 seconds long.

Upload the video and your personal information through the application form on this page. The annual deadline is December 15.