Most Dangerous Intersections In Marion County, OH

Although driving in Marion County seems less trouble compared to Ohio’s big metros, this county still has its share of motor vehicle crashes. Even quiet state routes in this area become the site of catastrophic accidents. In fact, while bustling cities rack up more accidents, crashes outside city limits are found to be more injurious and fatal, largely due to the higher speeds of motorists on these highways.

The Ohio Department of Transportation keeps a list of what they call “Intersection Safety Priorities” in the state. These are based on the number of traffic crashes, injuries, and fatalities. Two Marion County intersections made it to this list of Ohio’s most dangerous:

  • SR-98 (Columbus-Sandusky Rd) at SR-529 (Marion-Cardington Rd E)
  • SR-423 (Marion-Waldo Rd) at CR-138 (Barks Rd W)

Another list, compiled by the Marion Star and based on five and a half years’ worth of public data, details the most dangerous intersections in Marion County. These are:

Linn Hipsher Road at US 23

Over the five-year data period, this intersection was deemed the deadliest, with at least 12 crashes resulting in three deaths and 38 injuries. Several improvements have been made to this crossing, including the installation of 48-inch flashing stop signs. However, public safety workers have noted that most injury crashes in the county are due to drivers failing to yield at stop signs.

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SR-98 (Columbus-Sandusky Rd) at SR-529 (Marion-Cardington Rd E)

At least 17 accidents occurred at this intersection in the five-year period. Thirty-eight people were injured and one died. The ODOT, which lists this crossing as one of the state’s riskiest, has recently installed flashing stop signs here as well.

SR-309 at Marion Williamsport Rd

This crossing had eight collisions that killed one person and injured 19 others. Accident victims have lamented that a traffic light should be installed at this juncture, but county officials say they will need to conduct a safety study and get ODOT’s approval before they can undertake a safety improvement project there.

Traffic lights and stop signs are not the only factors in road safety. Responsible driving is still a top way to keep roads safe for ourselves and for other motorists. Unfortunately, not all drivers in Marion County are mindful of this. If you have been injured by a negligent driver, seek our legal help at the Fitch Law Firm. Call our Marion office today at (740) 212-1686.