In many cases, you can respond to a low settlement offer by telling an insurance agent that you would like to consult with a lawyer first. This statement can give you the time and space that you need to think your decision over without the pressure that an insurance adjuster can bring. When you retain the services of a truck accident lawyer, they will take care of any correspondence with insurance companies on your behalf. In doing so, a lawyer who focuses on personal injuries and negotiations with insurance companies can work to pursue any forms of compensation to which you may be entitled.

The amount of a settlement varies based on several factors in your case. However, according to the Ohio Department of Insurance you have the right, based on the terms of your policy, to have a prompt and good-faith settlement offer, to be able to negotiate with the insurance company’s adjuster, and to be able to use any arbitration offered to you in your policy. To that end, insurance adjusters are acclimated to the process of negotiating claim amounts with drivers involved in accidents.

Insurance companies will use a variety of negotiating tactics to try to offer you a low settlement offer. In some cases, they may even attempt to deny a claim in total. Insurance adjusters will often attempt to place full or partial blame on you to reject your claim. Even if your role in the accident was minor, insurance companies will often exaggerate it to save themselves from paying a settlement that covers the true costs of your damages.

Having a Lawyer Handle Settlement Negotiations on Your Behalf

As Ohio Revised Code (ORC) §2305.10 points out, you have a limited window of time to take legal action after a trucking accident that results in personal injury in the state of Ohio. State and federal laws like these may impact the establishment of a liable party, thus affecting any settlement amounts that you may be entitled to receive. By contacting a lawyer after an accident, they can begin to collect various forms of evidence that will serve you as they build a case to present your legal position.

Lawyers will offer their negotiation skills as they handle all communications with other parties on your behalf. Insurance adjusters often perform comprehensive investigations after an accident of any sort also. A lawyer will assist you in this process as well. Insurance companies may request your cell phone records, eyewitness testimonies, and police reports, among other forms of evidence. They will also interview you quite thoroughly.

When you have a lawyer standing up for justice on your behalf, they will consider all forms of damages that you suffered from the accident. Obvious forms of damage such as personal injuries and wrecked vehicles will factor into the settlement negotiations process. However, lawyers will also consider other forms of recoverable damages that may be harder to quantify, such as the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of the ability to enjoy life
  • Time away from work (lost wages)
  • Past and future medical bills

After a truck accident, you are likely feeling shaken up and confused. Many times, an insurance adjuster will act as quickly as possible to offer a low settlement amount. This is a tactic that often takes advantage of the confused state of mind that a truck accident victim is likely experiencing after their traumatic event. By giving yourself more time and space to process your decision, you give yourself the chance of negotiating for a fair settlement amount. However, dealing with experienced insurance adjusters on your own can prove to be difficult and stressful. A lawyer can step in to handle these negotiations for you as you move forward focusing on healing from your injuries.

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