Ohio Child Injury AttorneyChildren depend on their parents and family members to provide them with a safe, secure environment. It is the the parents’ duty to protect their young ones from dangers that might befall them. Due to their young age and lack of experience and knowledge, however, children are generally more vulnerable to various types of accidents.

While all injuries are distressing to both the victims and their loved ones, injuries can be particularly devastating when the victim is a child. Such injuries can greatly affect the course of a child’s life, as a child suffering personal injury may have to face a lifetime of physical, mental and even emotional hardships.

Common threats to children

A wide range of unique dangers face children, potentially leading to injury or death. Some of the common threats to children include:

Sometimes, children can suffer severe injuries or even death due to the negligent behavior of other people. The individual responsible for a child’s injuries should be held liable for his or her actions. It would be most beneficial to contact an experienced child injury lawyer.

Common childhood injuries

In the United States, as many as 20 million children are injured each year due to the negligence of an adult.

Some of the most common childhood injuries are head injuries, broken bones, burns, and internal damage. In many instances, children do not only sustain physical injuries but mental and emotional damage as well. Some children may require psychological counseling or long-term treatment in order to cope with the trauma caused by a particular accident.

Liability for child injuries

When children are hurt, it is necessary to identify the party to blame. In some instances, a reckless driver may be to blame. In other cases, a defective product may have caused injuries or death.

No child should have to endure an injury because of someone else’s negligent actions. Unfortunately, children around the country suffer serious injuries under these circumstances on a daily basis.

Compassionate child injury lawyer ready to help

A child injury lawyer understands the law and how such laws apply to children. If your child was hurt or harmed in an Ohio personal injury accident, call The Fitch Law Firm as soon as possible. We can examine your case and help you make the right decision for you and your family, as well as help you seek financial compensation for the injuries you have sustained. You may be entitled to collect a recovery for your child’s medical expenses, disfigurement, pain and suffering, mental and emotional anguish, and other losses and damages.

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