Bikers Ignored:
6 Ways Drivers Endanger Bikers

Drivers are often ignorant when it comes to safely sharing the road with motorcyclists. Not stupid, but they are simply unaware and uneducated. Putting aside the fact that drivers are more distracted than riders; most drivers don’t know what safe biking looks like, yet alone that a bike is probably traveling faster than it appears.

Motorcycles have every bit as much right to the road as any other vehicle. As usual, the angry mob of drivers blaming bikers for accidents should be pointing the finger right back at themselves.

#1 – Blind to Bikes

Motorcycles are right where they’re supposed to be: ON THE ROAD! Drivers look out for trucks, other cars, and their friends’ texts and tweets on their cells phones. What makes bikes so hard to see? Let’s face it: ignorance is an actual problem here.

Drivers need to realize that motorcycles are a part of the road as much as semi-trucks, so they should be in your mind every bit as much while you’re driving.

#2 – Late Left Turn

Remember drivers: just like your side mirror says, “objects may be closer than they appear,” smaller objects (BIKES) may be traveling faster than they look. The most common accident between motorcycles and drivers is when a driver tries to turn left in front of a bike.

For some reason, way too many drivers underestimate the speed of oncoming motorcycles. Because bikes are smaller than most cars, they typically appear slower than most vehicles to the untrained eye.

#3 – Bright Lights

Drivers, riding a motorcycle takes balance! The ability to see helps riders balance, so when you shine bright lights in the eyes of oncoming bikers, you severely hinder their ability to ride safely past you. Make sure you dim your own lights when you see a single light coming your way!

#4 – Litter

These are our roads. They are beautiful. If drivers appreciated their roadways as much as motorcycle riders, they wouldn’t litter it with so many cigarette butts and fast food bags.

Not to mention the fact that it is downright dangerous to throw something out when you remember that there are people LEGALLY riding vehicles that have no protection against random debris and burning hot ashes flying around on the road.

Just don’t litter: it’s the law, and it can seriously hurt or even kill people.

#5 – Honk

Honking is a lot louder than many drivers realize. They are made loud enough to penetrate another cab, and still be heard over whatever music, and other distractions are happening inside of cars and trucks. For motorcyclists, it’s LOUD – obnoxiously loud – and startling.

If drivers have difficulty understanding this one, imagine what reaction you may have if you are cruising peacefully in your car and a fog horn went off next to your ear. If you don’t NEED to honk at a biker for immediate safety, then just don’t do it.

#6 – Hands and Eyes Off the Road

For bikers, there aren’t many things more frustrating than distracted drivers. Bikers love the road, so when they ride, they focus on the road.

Cell phones, iPods, GPS, a sandwich, a book, or applying makeup while driving – whatever it is, it’s just not something that motorcyclists do. You can imagine how maddening it is when drivers choose to endanger EVERYONE on the road.

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured

Just because drivers outnumber bikers on the road doesn’t give them more of a right to the road, and it certainly doesn’t excuse their ignorance of motorcycles on the road. Whether they misjudge speed, endanger bikers with headlights or litter, ignore bikers or the road in general; the fact is that they are responsible for keeping the road safe for other cars, trucks, bicycles, people, and yes, even motorcycles!

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