Best Schools In Marion County, OH

Choosing your child’s school is a significant decision. As a parent, you’ll want to look at many schooling choices before deciding. Which school performs well and is best suited for your child’s needs? Which one is the most convenient drive from your home?

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If you live in Marion County, Ohio or are moving here, these are some of the top schools you may consider for your child. In this list, we include school locations, proficiency rates, income diversity, and student to teacher ratios.


Elementary Schools

Liberty Elementary School
1932 Whetstone River Rd N, Caledonia, OH 43314
(740) 725-5600

Overall, Liberty Elementary students test better than the Ohio state average. They particularly do well in Math, Social Studies, Reading, and Science. Low-income students make up half of the student body. These students test about the same as the average Ohio student. The student-teacher ratio here is also low: 15 learners to a teacher (while the state average is 17 to 1).

Heritage Elementary School
720 Columbus Sandusky Rd S, Marion, OH 43302
(740) 725-5500

This school has higher proficiency rates in Reading, Math, and Social Studies than Ohio state averages. The student population is quite diverse, with about a third coming from low-income backgrounds. Disadvantaged students at this school, however, seem to be falling behind the state average. Further, the school’s student-teacher ratio is higher than other nearby public schools – as much as 22 to 1.

Elgin Elementary School
1250 Keener Rd S, Marion, OH 43302
(740) 223-4301

Elgin Elementary also has above-average proficiency rates in Social Studies, Science, and Math, but its reading proficiency falls much lower than the state average (Ohio average is 65 percent, while Elgin is only at 53 percent). About half of its students are low-income, although data shows that disadvantaged students here are performing as well as other students in the state. In addition, nearly all of its teachers have at least three years’ experience, handling about 17 students each.

Pleasant Elementary School
1105 Owens Rd W, Marion, OH 43302
(740) 389-4815

Compared to the state average, Pleasant Elementary has notably higher proficiency rates in Science, Social Studies, and Math. However, school analysis shows that there is a great disparity among students’ performance: disadvantaged students may be falling behind here. The good news is that this school’s student-teacher ratio is only 16 to 1, which could mean better individual attention given to each learner.


Middle Schools

River Valley Middle School
4334 Marion Mount Gilead Rd, Caledonia, OH 43314
(740) 725-5700

The RVMS in Caledonia is also an above-average Ohio school, with exceptional Algebra I proficiency at 100 percent and Science proficiency at 84 percent. More than a third of the students here are low-income, and they test the same as the Ohio average. The student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1 is average in Ohio, though the teaching staff in this school stands out as most of the teachers have at least three years of experience.

Pleasant Middle School
3507 Smeltzer Rd, Marion, OH 43302
(740) 389-5167

Rated highly by school analysis sites, Pleasant Middle School has higher proficiency rates overall than the Ohio average. In particular, students at this school excel in Algebra I – while the state average proficiency rate is only 45 percent, Pleasant Middle School is at a 96 percent. A third of the student population is low-income, and they test about the same as the average Ohio student. The student-teacher ratio of 18 to 1 is typical in Ohio as well.


More than online reading  should be done when examining potential schools for your child. Diligent parents seek real-world referrals, visits, and consultations to truly gauge how their child might fare in each school.

Even the most careful parents, however, can sometimes encounter misfortunes. If your child was seriously hurt in an accident at any Marion County school, call us at the Fitch Law Firm. We can help determine if there was someone or some institution that may have caused it. You can reach our Marion office at (740) 212-1686.