Best Neighborhoods To Raise Kids in Cincinnati


Far and wide, the Village of Mariemont, or simply Mariemont, and its adjoining neighborhoods remains the best location to live and raise your children in Cincinnati — or probably in the entire state of Ohio. Mariemont has consistently been honored as the “Best Suburb near Cincinnati” with the best quality of life index.

Located in Hamilton County, Mariemont (pronounced Mary-mont) was designed in 1923as a planned model community on the east side of Cincinnati. Even today, Mariemont is one of only a few such planned communities in the United States. Its architecture has the look and feel of an English town during the time of Shakespeare. Mariemont’s founder, Mary Emery, was determined to provide its residents a high-quality of life and a beautiful place they could call home. That’s precisely what the 1,300 residents of Mariemont have today.

“Awesome Mariemont” is a rich neighborhood and this inestimable advantage is reflected in its excellent quality of life. The median income in Mariemont is over $92,000, the 9th highest in the Cincinnati area. The average price for a home at Mariemont comes to $364,900.

While homes in Mariemont itself are limited, neighborhoods surrounding the village have sprung-up and taken on the charm of Mariemont itself. These neighborhoods have been rated as among the best in Cincinnati in which to raise children. The school system in these neighborhoods is of a high standard while the safety of your children is enhanced by the low crime rate. And, of course, there are the trappings of suburban life such as malls, shops, restaurants, amusement centers and parks, among many others.

There have been many surveys seeking to determine the best family neighborhoods around Mariemont. Many agree on the following — Hyde Park, Mount Lookout and Mount Adams — as the best Mariemont has to offer.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park has consistently been rated an excellent place to live. Forbes named Hyde Park one of “America’s Best Neighborhoods” in 2010, emphasizing the education levels of its residents and its large agglomeration of shops and restaurants. Hyde Park has a population of some 15,000 persons and is distinguished by its lovely architecture. Its median home value stands at $351,000 compared to the national average of $185,000, an indication of its “tony-ness.”

Hyde Park area is a safe and welcome place for families, and one can walk anywhere because everything is so close by. Located some three miles from Mariemont, Hyde Park comprises a two-block area along Erie Avenue primarily bounded by Edwards Road on the West and Michigan Ave on the East.

Hyde Park Square, the vibrant soul of Hyde Park, is surrounded by over 200 retail shops, restaurants and other businesses, all within easy walking distance of each other. Famous attractions here are Graeter’sIce Cream parlor, which has been here since 1938, and the Coffee Emporium where one can get freshly brewed coffee of many varieties.

As for schools, there’s Withrow High School and The Hyde Park School, which both serve Hyde Park. There is also a branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County at Hyde Park. Some say Hyde Park epitomizes the best of the best in Cincinnati.


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Mount Lookout

Located just northwest of Linwood and overlooking the Ohio River valley, Mount Lookout is home to Ault Park, the fourth-largest park in Cincinnati. The park is world famous for the Ault Garden, a magnificent flower garden whose centerpiece is a large Italian Renaissance-style Pavilion built in 1930. The community has a population of some 5,600 persons.

Mount Lookout Square, which is Mount Lookout’s business hub, teems with restaurants and bars frequented by Millennials. Mount Lookout is a favorite watering hole for Millennial professionals, college and post graduate students because of its plethora of bars and late night spots. There’s even a local brewery.

At the east end of the Square is Mount Lookout Tavern, which is a favorite among college students from several nearby universities, such as the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University and Northern Kentucky University. Zip’s Cafe, established 1926, is a famous restaurant at the Square and its burger has consistently been ranked as one of the city’s top burgers.

Kilgour School, Cardinal Pacelli School and St. Ursula Villa School are located within the Mount Lookout community. Mount Lookout also has a neighborhood swim club, the Mt. Lookout Swim and Tennis Club. For those into physical fitness, Mount Lookout offers great hiking trails. Walking is the best way around Mount Lookout.


The picturesque and beautiful community that is Mt.Adams consists of some 1,700 persons but the median home value here stands at an impressive $441,300 compared to the national average of $184,700. The median household income is $82,153 compared to the national average of $55,322.

This community steeped in arts and culture is located directly east of downtown Cincinnati, south of Walnut Hills, southwest of East Walnut Hills and west of East End. Mt. Adams is lovely to behold. Nearby parks add more luster to its scenic beauty and, as with Hyde Park and Mount Lookout, Mt. Adams is eminently walkable.

A standout natural landmark at Mt. Adams is Eden Park, one of Cincinnati’s best urban parks, and a quiet refuge from the unrelenting stress of urban living. Eden Park occupies 186 acres and overlooks the Ohio River Valley.

For those that love theater, there’s the Playhouse in the Park. This nationally known theater produces the finest in classic and contemporary works. It offers productions 10 months out of the year. Acting Classes for Children are offered year round.

Also located within Eden Park is the Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory that houses more than 3,500 plant species from all over the world. The Conservatory can be rented for private events and is an excellent setting for small to mid-sized weddings. Because of its tropical-like environment, the Conservatory is a favorite refuge from the bitter winter cold that tears through the city. A crowd pleaser are the miniature toy trains that scoot through the Conservatory.

Another Mt. Adams’ landmark is the Cincinnati Art Museum, one of the oldest art museums in the United States. It was the first purpose-built art museum west of the Alleghenies upon its opening in 1881. Its collection of over 67,000 works spanning 6,000 years of human history make it one of the most comprehensive collections in the Midwest.

Also at Mt. Adams is Mt Adams Pool and Playground with its shallow water pool and separate wading pool. It also offers swimming lessons.

As for recreations and amusement, Mt. Adams is best known for its taverns, restaurants, and night clubs. It is also home to numerous retail shops and professional service firms.

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