The Best And Worst Neighborhoods In Springfield, OH

Springfield, Ohio is known for its affordable homes, diverse economy, and historic infrastructure. Many relocate to this city to be closer to their jobs, to develop a small business, or to retire. However, some Springfield neighborhoods are also plagued with crime and a low quality of living. If you and your family are moving to the Springfield area, you’ll want to identify which communities are suitable and which ones people would rather avoid.

Best Neighborhoods In Springfield

Rockway area (going to Durbin)

With its schools, places of worship, and many business establishments, the Rockway area is a family-friendly neighborhood. Many residents here are educated executives in the upper-middle income group, typically owners of stately homes or apartments. In fact, this is among the top American neighborhoods where real estate is owned, not rented.

Parkridge Acres

The area around Parkridge Drive is considered one of the most retiree-friendly neighborhoods in the state. It is relatively quiet and safe from crime, with diverse housing options for families and singles. It is no surprise that a large proportion of residents here are college-educated seniors.

Villa area (near Bowlusville)

This vicinity surrounding Buck Creek State Park is blessed with fertile agricultural land and meadows. However, it is not a largely agricultural community. According to a Neighborhood Scout analysis, about half of the working population here are in executive and management occupations. It is an upper-middle income community, with higher income than 81 percent of American neighborhoods.

OH Route 334, from Urbana Road to Mechanicsburg Road

This is arguably the liveliest community in a best neighborhoods list, with plenty of schools, businesses, and apartment complexes. It is also one of the most senior-friendly, as it is the location of several senior living communities. About 49 percent of all the people here (including the elderly) also live alone, which is considered an indicator that the area is more livable than many other American neighborhoods.

Worst Neighborhoods In Springfield

US Route 68 to Snyder Terrace area

Various crime maps show that this is one of the most, if not the most, high-crime area in Springfield. Property site found at least nine criminal and sex offenders who live within the vicinity. The schools in this community are also considered below average.

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South Center-Main Street area

Located at the heart of Springfield, this area is one of the most vibrant in the city, filled with businesses, banks, and public facilities. These roads and the surrounding three-mile radius, however, are often in the news for shootings, robberies, and police chases. You would typically find abandoned structures and cheap real estate in this vicinity.

Springfield citizens know their hometown has many beautiful neighborhoods, but like every city, some neighborhoods are lacking a good quality of life. While it’s not impossible to live a pleasant life here, it also pays to be careful. In the event that you or a loved one was harmed by another party in Springfield, enlist a reliable attorney on your side. We at the Fitch Law Firm can help. Call our Springfield office today at (937) 247-6521.