Semi-truck accidents have the potential to change your life forever. Whether you are recovering from severe injuries or psychological trauma, semi-truck accidents present a plethora of challenges to overcome. Introducing the complex workings of the legal system into this mix can only add to the stress you are experiencing.

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Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

As with any accident, there are some common causes to look at in a semi-truck accident. Drunk driving is a common issue among drivers of all kinds, and those who operate large commercial semi-trucks are no exception.

When operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, semi-truck drivers experience an impaired sense of spatial awareness and control. These impairments, while dangerous enough in an average-sized vehicle, are magnified when such a large vehicle is involved. Other common driver errors in semi-truck accidents include drowsy driving, texting while driving, and speeding.

Improperly Loaded Cargo Can Lead to Semi-Truck Accidents

In some semi-truck accidents, there may be more logistical causes at play. For example, a truck’s cargo and trailer length may have a role in causing an accident. The U.S. Department of Transportation has several guidelines in place to regulate and monitor the weight limits of large vehicles on interstate highways. Semi-trucks are beholden to strict requirements regarding their cargo loading, trailer length, and other specific criteria.

In the event of a collision, failure to adhere to these criteria may lead to liability on the part of a trucking company. Increasing the weight of the vehicle beyond the allowable limits can make a semi-truck unstable and difficult to control on the road. These factors are just a small example of what a legal team will examine when working to compile a case regarding your semi-truck accident.

As with any automobile accident, severe injuries and property damage are likely in a semi-truck collision. Lawyers will work to determine what caused an accident as they gather evidence and build a case on your behalf.

Gathering Evidence After a Semi-Truck Accident

Legal teams and insurers will mount a comprehensive investigation after a semi-truck accident. There are many factors to examine when establishing a liable party after such an accident, and the more evidence you have, the better you will be able to support your claim. Lawyers gather evidence that may include the following:

  • Video footage captured from the scene of the accident
  • Photos taken before, during, or after a collision
  • Police reports
  • Reports from eyewitnesses
  • Phone records
  • Maintenance records

Gathering evidence requires detailed investigative work. As such, the process may take some time. Lawyers who take on semi-truck accidents know how important it is not to take any shortcuts or cut any corners.

Establishing Semi-Truck Accident Liability

Before you can pursue any compensation that may be available to you after a semi-truck accident, you first must establish the liable party or parties. While some collisions make it simple to define who was at fault, other cases require a closer examination of the facts. For example, a driver’s failure to abide by their scheduled hours of service may impact their liability in an accident.

As you likely know, semi-truck drivers drive long hours, often working late at night and early in the morning. This puts them at a greater risk of drowsy driving and other distracted driving behaviors that are known to cause accidents. Legal teams, law enforcement, and insurance companies will often look for these kinds of issues when gathering evidence to assist in determining fault after an accident.

Commercial transportation companies and state legislation work to minimize the dangers that come with long driving hours. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) establishes guidelines for hours of service to make sure that commercial truck drivers operate their vehicles safely.

If drowsy driving due to long hours caused the accident that you or a loved one experienced, then the driver or the trucking company may be held liable.

A Marion semi-truck accident lawyer from the Fitch Law Firm LLC may be able to help you gather evidence, establish liable parties, and pursue any compensation that you may be eligible to receive. To speak to someone in our office about your situation, call us today at (740) 212-1686.

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Dealing with the aftermath of a semi-truck accident can quickly become overwhelming. With a wide range of intersecting federal, state, and local laws coming into play, most people find that they are ill-equipped to process the details that follow a semi-truck accident.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a semi-truck accident, then healing and recovering can take quite a bit of your time and energy. By contacting a lawyer who takes on semi-truck accidents, you can give yourself the space you need to focus on getting back to your life.

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