While trucks and other large vehicles play a key part in helping Ohio’s infrastructure grow, their large size can cause devastating accidents when their drivers do not exercise enough caution on our roadways. In fact, the Ohio State Highway Patrol documents around 1,000 accident-related fatalities each year in Ohio, many of which are caused by driver negligence. In 2018 alone, 121 people lost their lives in crashes involving heavy trucks, showcasing just how dangerous these vehicles can be. Even if a victim is lucky enough to escape a truck accident with their life, they may be facing a long road to recovery that can take a toll on them emotionally, physically, and financially.

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Potentially Recoverable Damages from Dayton Truck Accident Cases

While there is no set limit to the amount of damages a victim can be compensated for after a truck accident, the value of the case will largely be determined by examining their physical, financial, mental, and overall suffering. Assuming that the other driver in the accident is found to be liable, they may be held accountable for any economic, non-economic, and punitive damages they have caused with their actions.

Examples of recoverable damages in these cases can include:

  • Medical bills related to treatment and recovery
  • Property damage
  • Psychological anguish, including mental illness brought on by the severity of the crash or injuries
  • Stress on the victim’s personal life, including their ability to live as they previously did
  • Compensation for the victim’s inability to work due to their injuries, including lost wages
  • Punitive damages meant to keep other drivers from committing similar acts of negligence
  • And more

Actionable Displays of Negligence That Cause Truck Accidents

Negligence on Dayton roadways is all too common, with most truck accidents being caused by drivers who fail to uphold safe driving practices. Driving under the influence, speeding, and other common forms of negligence can change a victim’s life in an instant—not to mention the ripple effect it has on the community at large. Unfortunately, despite efforts to further driver education, these crashes are not going away, with the Ohio State Highway Patrol reporting that they investigated 421 vehicle crashes in Montgomery County in 2019. These accidents resulted in dozens of distracted driving citations.

While factors like driver intoxication do play a role in some truck accidents, the most common acts of negligence include, but may not be limited to:

  • Driver distraction: the most common example is texting behind the wheel. There are numerous ways to become distracted while driving, especially when it comes to big rig truck drivers who drive for long periods at a time. Other forms of distraction include tuning the radio, eating, and generally “spacing out” to their surroundings.
  • Driver fatigue: this condition causes drivers to lose their motor functions and delays their reaction times. You do not have to be asleep at the wheel to be found liable for an accident due to driver fatigue, as just being sleepy can cause a driver to discard the rules of the road and put other lives at risk.
  • Reckless driving: this behavior can include any dangerous act committed on the road where the safety of others is being discarded. Examples of this include making dangerous turns at high speeds, driving on the shoulder of the road, attempting to make illegal passes, and more.
  • Driving too fast for weather conditions: a large problem during the Dayton winters is large trucks often carry a tremendous amount of weight and may need extra time to compensate for sudden changes on the road, which becomes much harder when the roads are already slick or damaged from the weather.
  • And more

Ultimately, negligence in truck accident cases is determined on an individual basis once all the mitigating factors have been considered by the court or respective legal counsels of the parties involved. If the other party is found guilty of acting negligently on the roadway, this will typically show that they were liable, and may subsequently be held liable for any pain and suffering the victim has had to endure since the accident. Even if the offender is found liable, compensation cannot be guaranteed.

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Truck Accident Lawyers Who Do Not Shy Away From Tough Cases

Here at the Fitch Law Firm, we want victims to know that a Dayton truck accident lawyer can always be there to walk them through the legal process. We understand that legal proceedings can be confusing and extremely taxing during this trying time after an accident. We will gladly handle all aspects of your legal case, including a thorough investigation, so you can focus on what truly matters in life.

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