When traveling on the Interstate at high speeds in thick traffic, you know the importance of maintaining your lane as a motorcyclist. When a driver slips slightly outside of the lane markers, it can cause a chain reaction that leaves other drivers swerving out of the way or losing control of their vehicles.

If this happened to you, and another driver’s loss of control resulted in a serious accident with injuries for you, you may want to consider hiring a Dayton unsafe lane change accident lawyer to represent your interests when seeking compensation from the driver who caused your motorcycle accident.

You did nothing wrong, and the other driver was responsible for this crash. You should not have to endure the financial burden of the accident on your own. At the Fitch Law Firm LLC, our team is ready to work hard on your behalf, helping you receive the fairest possible settlement. For a free case review, contact us today at (937) 660-4232.

Lane Change Accidents With Motorcycles

For motorcyclists, motor vehicle drivers who do not change lanes safely are among the most dangerous situations the cyclists can face while riding. Any crash involving a motorcyclist has the potential to cause life-altering injuries or even a fatality.

According to the 2018 Ohio Annual Evaluation Report, 157 motorcyclists died in accidents on the roadways of the state in 2017. Some of these fatal accidents occurred because of a single-vehicle crash, where the motorcyclist loses control after a driver fails to maintain his or her lane, causing the motorcyclist to swerve.

Drivers Failing To Look for a Motorcyclist

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), in fatal crashes during 2018 in the United States involving a motorcycle and a motor vehicle, 7.2% of the crashes involved a failure of one of the vehicles to maintain a proper lane, making it the third most common reason for a fatal accident involving a motorcycle and a car.

Many times, the driver of the motor vehicle will report that he or she did not see the motorcyclist before the crash. So why does a driver not see a motorcyclist before changing lanes? There are many potential reasons, which includes:

  • Checking mirrors: the driver glances at the rearview or side mirrors before changing lanes but does not actually look for a small motorcycle frame.
  • Checking blind spot: the driver does not take the time to look for a motorcycle in the vehicle’s blind spot before changing lanes.
  • Changing multiple lanes: the driver moves his or her car across multiple lanes of traffic in one motion on a highway, failing to check that the subsequent lanes are clear.
  • Impaired or distracted driving: the driver has been drinking or is sending a text message, leaving the driver’s focus away from the road, creating a situation where the driver does not notice the motorcyclist.

Starting a Personal Injury Lawsuit

According to Ohio Revised Code § 2305.10, those injured because of the negligence of another person, such as can occur in a traffic accident, have two years to start the process of filing a case.

A Dayton unsafe lane change accident lawyer can help you meet all deadlines in the process of starting a personal injury case.

Even if you are outside the two-year window to start the case, we may be able to help, as some exceptions to the law exist. Contact the Fitch Law Firm LLC today at (937) 660-4232 for a free review of your case.

Other Types of Unsafe Lane Changes

Some drivers who swerve and leave their lane markers may cause an accident among multiple other cars and motorcycles, leaving them unscathed as they drive away from the accident they caused. If at all possible, try to remember that driver’s license plate number and a description of the car to help police officers track down the driver.

Multiple kinds of lane changes can cause accidents if the driver is not careful. Often, these kinds of mistakes on the part of the negligent driver can result in police officers ticketing the driver, which strengthens your case that the other driver was at fault.

Failure To Signal

If one driver does not let other motorists know that a lane change is imminent by signaling, this could be considered a negligent act. Other drivers know to back off when the original driver signals an intent to change lanes.

Poor Weather

If the driver’s vision is obscured by heavy rain, snow, or fog, he or she has to use extra caution before trying to change lanes. It may be difficult to see a motorcyclist in the adjacent lane when the weather is poor.


A speeding driver may not be able to judge a safe distance to remain away from other cars and motorcyclists when changing lanes. With speeding, there is also a greater chance that the driver may lose control of the vehicle while changing lanes, resulting in an accident.

We Will Protect Your Right To Seek Damages

When another driver makes a mistake on the roadways of Ohio, it can cause serious problems for motorcyclists nearby. If the crash occurs at high speeds, the probability of life-altering injuries increases too.

When you need representation to defend your right to seek compensation for medical bills, missed wages, and pain and suffering, a Dayton unsafe lane change accident lawyer at the Fitch Law Firm LLC is ready to stand by your side.

We can negotiate with the insurance company for the driver who caused the crash, working toward helping you receive a fair settlement that truly reflects the financial compensation you deserve. Should the insurer refuse to negotiate fairly, we will stand by your side in court. Contact us at (937) 660-4232 as soon as possible for a free consultation.