We Have Chosen A Winner For Our 2017 Scholarship!

We are proud of sponsoring The Fitch Law Firm scholarship contest, to help assist a student in raising additional funds to pay for their college education, which has continued to rise in recent years.

This year, we asked applicants to write an essay answering the question: “What is your Opinion On The Recent Ohio Damages Cap On Non Economic Loss.” We wanted to see the different views young adults have about the law.

We had many applications apply from all around the country. These essays were read and judged without any reference to where the applicant lives or plans on attending school, or any other information like race, age, or gender. After spending countless hours and reading all the essays, one essay really stood out among the others we received.

With that being said, we are pleased to announce that the winner of the 2017 Fitch Law Firm Scholarship is Sydney Logan!

Sydney Logan is a strong and determined woman who we are proud to have as our winner. She comes at this topic with a very different perspective and a very personal one. Her thorough and thought provoking essay was a brief window into her ordeal and we are happy she shared it. We wish Sydney the best of luck going forward and hope one day she is able to achieve her dreams.

Read a some of Sydney’s essay below.

Mount Vernon, Ohio, August 19, 2014, around 2 o’clock in the morning.
Shortly after I turned 16, I was raped twice,by a 34-year-old man I did not know. My next two years would be centered around him, the damages done, and the prolonged court case.I sat down in front of my mother, the social worker who was supporting me, and the public prosecutor who held my story in his hands. “He will be charged with one count of rape, child endangerment and providing alcohol to minors.” A feeling in my chest grew angry and spilled out in words said through gritted teeth. “One count of rape? He did it twice!” The prosecutor responded, “Yes, I know, but because of law R.C. 2315.18, it all happened in one night, so it really is only once.” I wanted to get up and walk out; I realized in that moment that the law had no regard for the impact of instances.

Read all of Sydney’s essay here

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